Wednesday, July 15, 2015


The other day I was relating the happenings in the blog world to LS and how people have such differing opinions and easily get upset by others.  He said well you only  take me and Ephraim to task ( by the way, I take the rest of the world to task quite happily, especially the present government!) so perhaps not having opinions on one's blog is the safe route to go....

But today is my son's birthday, just phoned him at work to wish him happy returns, and so two thoughts coalesced in my brain, one was their time in Ghana, the other a piece of news I had heard on the radio yesterday about cars being made in Ghana.  First of all, one of the only things we see on tv is images of starving children in Africa, and of course this is happening and is terrible but there is so much more to this continent, think Michael Palin said the same as well.

When they came back all those years ago, Ephraim brought us back two wooden cars, hand carved they were simple and had bible inscriptions written on them, now a person called Apostle Kwado Safo has been making cars for sometime  in Ghana, the beginning of an enterprise.  The photos I dragged up from the hundreds of photos that Mark has left on my external hard drive, and what it shows is people working within the environment, whether happily or not I cannot say but I think we should occasionally look at the positive side of the world now and then.  What I see in these photos from Accra is a bustling place, not quite up to Western standards you may add, but then look at where capitalism is leading us, you mark my words it is down a very dark hole ;)

They even have bad weather as well.

So for my positive mention today, some music from Youssou N'Dorf - Birima and something I was dancing around to yesterday Paul Simons and the Ladysmith Black Manbazo, for the sheer joy of being alive.....



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