Monday, July 6, 2015

6th July

Today is the day of the plumber and the water cylinder being replaced, he has already started to drain the old cylinder, no water of course but we have enough for coffee, etc.  Read Alan Smith's book last night, followed him round the village and his first job as a farm labourer at Riseborough Hall, which sadly burnt down whilst he was there. Can you remember the 'basket meals', scampi was the 'in food' to eat then with chips - a real night out!  He talks of Babycham, not something I ever drank always though it was alcohol free but apparently it could leave you very drunk after a few bottles.

Riseborough Hall burnt down in 1952

A history of Riseborough Hall can be found here  It has its full quota of stories, from leylines to Romans, this of course because we near to Cawthorne Roman Camps.  B was  talking of sulphur springs here as well, the water comes up yellow I think, apparently there is a straight line between here and another town of sulphur springs, a good leyline in the making....

I am slowly collecting links of the more archaeological history round here, Pastscape for one has revealed finds from the Neolithic, through to the Iron Age, no Roman though.  The church has some interesting coffin lids which I shall go and photo sometime today.  British History Online talks of them.  And another site, for which you have to pay £30 annually has mention of the sites in this area. There is mention of Roman stone at Riseborough Hall, but that could be fanciful.

to be cont.....


  1. I love the way you are becoming so involved so quickly Thelma.

  2. A need for history I think, and until certain things happen in the house, not much to do except live out of boxes...