Monday, June 6, 2016

A perfect June day

Yesterday we went a short walk through the woods, this side of Hutton Le Hole and only a few miles from home.  It is mostly forestry planting through the steep gorge, but  we drove down a forest road and found the most beautiful view across a small valley,  the Yorkshire moors are caught in the far distance.

There was also a derelict cottage, though somebody seemed to be living in a caravan next to it for there was a dog at the gate, the front door of the cottage has been filled in, empty eyes of the window makes it look forlorn but the roof was in good nick, perhaps a farm cottage.

As we walked down the path in the woods, ferns etiolated (just love that word) up towards the sky trying to grasp the sun from the tall pines.

pyramidal bugle

ladies bedstraw


  1. Two wildflowers we have quite a lot of round here Thelma and I love them.
    Love your new header of Rievaulx - we take all our friends there. Love the terrace too.

  2. Morning Pat, Think we are going to the abbey tomorrow to see the new museum there, beautiful setting but we have not been to the Temple.