Saturday, June 11, 2016


Things are a bit low at the moment, missed the date for the youngest grand daughter's birthday, and have one of those large forms to fill in from the solicitors on the cottage.  My computer is also playing up, probably need a new one, it refuses to start in the morning and then eventually works This evening there is to be a barbecue which should prove some light relief.
Rain has at last fallen, the roses are starting to bloom, a couple of rose bushes look to be struggling, I need to get some food for them, and can you see the beginning of black spot  on the leaves, not something I am pleased about hopefully there is an organic cure.
Yesterday there was a funeral in the graveyard, we pulled the blinds down on that side so did not watch it, though saw the work people with a digger dig the hole, now the grave is a nicely rounded hill with roses on top, there are two weddings to be held in July as well, a much happier time.  Death seems such a peaceful time in the grave yard, that one does not feel sad for the people who lie there.


slowly the beds fill up

runner beans at the back


  1. The idea of overlooking a graveyard has never worried me, in fact I would probably find it quite reassuring. Your herb garden is very much like mine, but mine is becoming overgrown..... I wanted it to look like yours.

    1. Thank you Cro, the herbs are important and just by the back door. A problem with the graveyard are our hens they fly up over the wall and potter around the stones. Will not be allowed out at weddings and funerals.

    2. When I was small in Surrey, my pony used to escape and make for the village church/churchyard. The vicar was always on the phone.

    3. I had a donkey once who was a great escape artist as well, she was found once sheltering in the porch of a very large house, the owner opened the door and was greeted by her...

  2. I admire your tidy garden beds--especially the section with the herbs. I am so wanting a planting area that is more contained--we have always done huge sprawling gardens--quite labor intensive.
    Enjoying your exchange above re the hens and other escaping livestock. Here it has been our renter's goats! [Although on-going efforts are made to contain them, they are very wily!] I don't suppose I would be upset by a hen or two 'pottering' about the graveyard during a funeral--but I daresay there are those who might feel offended.

  3. The long bed was already there, so it is just a question of adding to it. The cool dark side is to be LS's 'Japanese' garden, though he has only bought two plants to date!
    I have been watching the antics of the goats on F/B, they are sweet of course, but always on the hunt for fresh food, Nigel has two over the road, and he cuts them fresh branches from the hedgerows most days.