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Sunday, June 19, 2016

Rounding up sunday

It rears like a triffid over the fence, think it is the common hogweed not the giant one, there is something beautiful about it, but do not pick, it has a sap that removes the protection of the melanin from your skin and allows it to blister in the sun.  I had an incident a few weeks back with blisters all over my hand and that was just plunging my hand into a bunch of wild plants.

Last night Lucy and I wandered over to the grave yard to find Margaret Wood's grave, here it is rather forlorn and uncared for, she almost made a 100 years, often wonder if not having babies allowed women to live longer.  There is a small carving, you can just about see it at the top, of two bells, this would be the two bells in the little bell tower of the church that Jo and someone else rings every other Sunday, Margaret Wood living next door to the church would have heard them most of her life, a nice touch.
slightly blurred new rose

Pink spiky cranesbill

A new perennial geranium has just started to open its flowers,  I love the dissected leaves of the geraniums and reminds me to get some lady's mantle as well....  Organic black spot killer, probably not, but I have tried two tablespoons of bicarbonate.of soda, and some soap in a gallon of water - we shall see...

Someone said today that there is a lot energy in the air, perhaps because we are heading towards the solstice, our world is light  till late evening and then from early morning, it won't be all downhill from now on but the zenith has been reached, rejoice in the living world and above all protect it.


  1. I love all the cranesbill family and have a few in my garden. I bought 'Patricia' a few years ago from Lawrence Sterne's garden in Coxwold. She is a bright pink. I also have two different blue ones - Johnson's Blue and another one I forget the name of.
    It has just started to rain here - wonder if you are getting it too. I have sown a mixture of candytuft and night scented stock up against the calf house wall in the hopes of a summery show, but so far not a sign of a seedling.

  2. Just remembered the name of the other blue one - Russell Pritchard!

  3. Two names that come back to me from my old garden, there is quite a selection of these hardy perennials, such good ground cover. Yes the rain has just hit us and not a moment too soon, the garden is so dry. I also have problem with seeds could be the three hens of course, went to our local garden centre today and bought several plants, again hampered by inquisitive hens as I dig holes, a dog who runs off with the bonemeal....


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