Thursday, June 23, 2016

Thursday 23rd June

Well forgetting about the excitement  of today's voting, great adventure either way!  Last night I picked up a book  and settled down to pick my way through it.  Written in 1964 the writers slowly gave a blow by blow account of the course of this Roman road, notice there is no hesitation in saying that it was Roman and not Saxon as some would have it today.  The road has been cleaned or excavated at various spots you would not see this chalky white colour today......

under it's covering of turf

There are two cists on the road, must have been added after it was built, so probably makes them Iron Age, they abut the kerb stones.  Apparently there is another stone cairn as well, but this was the burial place of Satyr the dog in the 19th century,  for there is an inscribed stone to him.  When I get my car, there will be a certain amount of exploration I will do, one is to go to Old Mother's Well you can read all about it here in this descriptive blog on wordpress.


  1. I do love the way your inquiring mind is ferreting out all the stories of Yorkshire. I am ashamed to say that these days I rarely go far.

    1. Who would call his dog Satyr? And what sort of dog was it one wonders.