Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Tuesday 21st - the moon was not strawberry coloured last night though.

An early walk.  The weather is gentle, no wind, slightly cloudy sky and warm.  We go our usual walk, over the bridge, opening the five bar gate into the field. Up onto the bank, past the empty farm, though to be fair someone does still live there.  The soundscape of bird song stops me for a moment and as we walk on the three notes of the curlew followed by those lyrical bubbling notes that echoes the river's voice.  The curlew on the moors is the voice of Yorkshire for me, these curlews must be nesting in a field somewhere.  White tails of the young rabbits bob everywhere, someone said that they could only count three in my photo but rest assured they are everywhere, a couple of dozen.
The wild grasses are so long and very beautiful in their own right, still wet from the rain yesterday, as we go through the second gate I see Allison dog-walking her charges.  She must have 8 dogs, two collies vibrant with life are off their leads and come bounding towards us, but skitter aside plunging into the long grass, Lucy takes no notice she is not interested in other dogs.
Not sure what today will bring, coming back I take photos of what is happening in the garden, I bought a mallow (malva) plant on Sunday along with a red lobelia,  W.Robinson says of this plant "of these there are few pretty garden plants, the majority are coarse and weedy" but of course mentions the wild marshmallow which is pretty at this time of year.

I think this is the form M.Crispa, see how the leaves curl.

Bee loving plant 6 Hill Giant cat mint, not a bee in sight but a good dozen when I looked! Behind is the penstemon 'Apple blossom just waiting to appear

Nasturtiums starting to appear

the roses unfold

A white one appears


  1. Oddly enough Thelma, we thought there was a real 'strawberry' burr round the moon here last night. Love your flower pictures, especially that mallow which is the most beautiful colour.

  2. Our moon was far off and we had to crane our necks from the window, so it could well have some strawberry features. LS said to me you garden differently from other people, (I am untidy maybe?) but I just love a vivid show of flowers - for the bees of course ;)


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