Sunday, June 26, 2016

Something positive

There is nothing really to say, the knives are out in the political scene, we are heading for a dramatic climate change moment at sometime in the future, and yes Asterik was always a favourite of mine, I loved buying the books for my son....
 but not forgetting this from Rudyard Kipling, picked up in that scavenging manner I have;

I could not dig; I dared not rob: 
Therefore I lied to please the mob. 
Now all my lies are proved untrue 
And I must face the men I slew. 
What tale shall serve me here among 
Mine angry and defrauded young?
-Rudyard Kipling

A pretty penstemon, called 'apple blossom' I think. The large giant catmint Six Hills, jostles it but it is always alive with bees and therefore will hold its place.

Trying to catch the bees


  1. Catmints do 'jostle'--as does their cousin, catnip, which I raise to dry for the delight of my felines. I've grown several varieties of catmint--one of the most interesting is nepeta Siberica.

    1. It is always a good experience to watch a cat amongst the cat mints. not for the plants though unfortunately.

  2. Lovely flowers in the garden Thelma. Jolly appropriate Kipling verse which I shall look up and see if it is appropriate for our Poetry group this Wednesday. Nice gentle rain fallinh as I write.

  3. Replies
    1. It seems just a short verse called The Dead Statesman, came from a Guardian quote, we now get The Times occasionally (for a more balanced view) and it is cheaper, you will be pleased to hear ;)


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