Friday, June 17, 2016


Dull cloud and a cold East wind, a dozen or so swallows swoop around the garden and road, perhaps this is the warmest place for insects, I see them also by the river.
Well it is a sad moment a thoroughly good person has been murdered by what seems a right wing lurker.  Joe Cox the Labour politician brutally shot and knifed by a fanatic has lost her life,  a senseless act.  What is so inspiring is the shock and grief that this country has expressed and as the tragedy unfolded, it gives one hope for better things when we all become too cynical at how the politics are run in this country.

I note on Tom Stephenson blog that it turns him to the 'in' vote, probably it shows us just how unsure many of us how are not knowing which way to vote.  I agree with the many,  who expressed it best, that it is not for us 'old' people to vote it is the younger generation who must take up the reins and vote for the future, for it is their future not ours.
I have  stuck to my original, instinctive thought that we are better in, yes I know there is a cumbersome bureaucratic  organisation  that needs sorting out but we all have to fight to bring a degree of commonsense as to how we want things run. I think the argument that we have managed to live with Europe for 60 years without warring is a considerable feat, no 100 year war or 30 years wars of past history...  Our differences are something to be glad about, will our cultural heritages be lost - doubt it.  For a good 10 years of my life we hosted language students (250ish) many from Europe, polite youngsters (well accept for that 15 old French boy who trailed around sulking with his pornographic book) I learnt a lot about other people, them 'foreigners' have fantastic manners, not something you could say of some of the British yobs in Lille.  But that is a generalisation of course


  1. I do so agree with what you say here Thelma. I think the whole country is in shock - such an appalling thing to happen and to such a lovely, committed woman who has left behind a loving husband and two tiny children who will now grow up without remembering their Mum. I have always intended to vote 'in' as has the farmer. Better the devil you know and all that (and that applies to 'our' leader as well as others). What sad times we live in - and yet I suspect it was ever thus in one way or another. Whoever said 'Man's inhumanity to man makes countless thousands mourn' never said a truer word.

    1. It was such a terrible tragedy, and such a waste of a good person and parliamentarian, and a terrible loss to the family, and just why not do we see such good politicians taking their stand more in the media.
      EU referendum has developed into such a cat fight, that we can only stick by our own interpretation and not listen to the 'noise' that greets us every time we put on the radio...

  2. The sad act of yesterday is being felt in countries all over the world, Thelma not just by the exPats and UK citizens but all the millions of others who can and do relate to the UK in some way or other.

    With reference to the EU: all I can say is that changes in the way that it operates can only be made from the inside by it's members. Which is why the UK needs to remain a member, so as to bring about change.

  3. Hi Heron, well that is good to hear, we are all still a family united over this senseless act of killing.