Sunday, November 24, 2019

Apologies - Comments

Sharon (Morning Minion) asked me on F/B what had happened to my comments this morning.  I just thought you were all not talking to me! But then I went to my 'comments' in settings and saw that they had lined up there.  So I pressed  publicise on as many that came up.  Sorry to you all, feel such an idiot.

And now can't get rid of those blardy (as Jennie would say) but I am quite capable of using real swear words, REACTIONS.....................


  1. Oh Thelma - I thoughr you were just not choosing to publish them. Ignoring you at a time like this? If you are anything like I was then I got huge comfort from the daily contact with my blog friends. x

  2. Hurrah! You have managed to sort the "comments" issue out! Better late than never.

  3. Hi Pat, loved reading all the blogs, thought my self imposed (as it was) exile was something I had said about commenting, O the joys of the internet.

    Hi Y/P, not quite, but somehow in the future I might press the right button and it will go back to the old ways.

  4. Let me see.... Do you want to have Comment Moderation on? Or not?

    Myself, I have found, that I _have_ to have it on. Because when I take it off, SPAM gets through. And I am very upset, when I find SPAM, in my blog comments. Or in any blog's comments.

    I know, some bloggers do not like Comment Moderation. They prefer to see their comment, show right up. And then, if they made a mistake, they can fix it, at once.

    But there is the Preview possibility. If everyone used that, they would find their mistakes, and fix them, before their comment ever was Publish. -smile-

    But please, tell me... Do you want Comment Moderation on? Or not? If you do, you have to check it, each time you get on the computer.

    Gentle hugs...



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