Thursday, November 14, 2019

Thursday 14th November

Skinningrove is famous for it's annual bonfires

Several years ago whilst out with the family we drove towards Teeside but down narrow lanes and we drove down a steep incline to the village of Skinningrove, (Viking for skinner's grove or pit).  It was dull and dismal.  A cluster of terraced houses faced the sea, and allotments tumbled down a hill.  Yet it still gets a mention in today's news as one of the iron mills of the British Steel Company (though long gone as a name).  Here is a 1920s photo, bleak lives by the seaside.

Well we have sold out to the Chinese, the family jewels are tumbling onto the carpet at a scary rate but jobs are saved of course.  It reminder me of the Greek economy at the moment, they are also allowing the Chinese to buy into their economy, actually Yanis Varoufakis (Greek economist) was instrumental in trying to sell Greek ports to them... wonder who will buy our ports when all that export to the rest of the world becomes a reality when that dreaded six letter word comes up?

I remember on that journey the seamier side of Teeside showed up, it is not all beautiful dales and moors in Yorkshire.  Think we ended up in the seaside town of Hartlepool for icecreams.  Matilda and Ben playing by the water's edge.  Matilda took a tumble and the wave carried her into the sea, her father ran in to pull her out.  I wrapped her in my cardigan and we made our way back to the car with a very miserable little girl.

But something to take us back to childhood and H.G.Wells.  'War of the Worlds' adaptation by the BBC - should be good.


  1. Someone has to buy all the stuff. I guess it will be the Chinese as they have a strong and large middle class.

  2. Yes, although I have read mixed reviews before it is even broadcast I shall definitely watch it. Have you watched 'World ob Fire' which has filled that viewing spot before it? I really found that interesting.

  3. I thought I had commented. My trip to China certainly indicated they have their billions in line and moving toward a strong economy and country. Less freedom of speech and action, but when you have billions it does not take much to bring about chaos if not held in control.


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