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Friday, November 29, 2019

Again words - Celtic Thunder

Wayland's Smithy Neolithic long barrow
This morning the road outside is blocked with weird machinery, goodness knows what they are doing, could be they are really cleaning the drain that runs into the river, the Seven was high again yesterday from all this rain.  I have written so much about Wayland's Smithy that I will not say more, one of my favourite places though.
Came across a video from a megalithic friend this morning, it was done by the following Irish group Celtic Thunder and is about WW1, remember that Xmas advertisment? Much better done here.  This group sings (well) in a dramatically edgy way, you will see the theatrical showy way below.  Never come across them before but they are definitely enjoyable. Words to 'Heartland' below and also the video..... 
A thought to be explored about Nationalism which has reared its ugly head in many parts of Europe, do such things as this song narrow our view of our country or expand them?
Out of the mists of Time it comes
Older than the oldest rhyme it comes
Coursing through our veins it comes
Pulsing in our brains it comes
Crashing like a thunder roll
Echoing in our very soul
Listen for it as it comes
The pure, unbridled sound of drums
(Spoken end)
Hear our hymn from the heartland
Hear our prayer
Steer us through stormy waters
Lead us there...
When the storm is raging
And thunder rolls
Deliver us from the ocean
Save our souls
A Thiarna, déan trócaire (Lord have mercy)
A Chríost, déan trócaire (Christ have mercy)
A Thiarna, déan trócaire (Lord have mercy)
A Chríost, déan trócaire (Christ have mercy)
When the winds are howling
Vigil keep
Shelter us and save us
From the deep
A Thiarna, déan trócaire (Lord have mercy)
A Chríost,

Perhaps two photos more for that old long barrow has sad memories as well.  Here is my son sitting with a black bin bag round his shoulder, cross with his mother for dragging him miles in the rain just to attend a pagan scattering of ashes.  Next to him 'Wysefool' who died not long after this trek and who had a poetic soul.

Flowers from the garden we brought to honour 'Treaclechops' and her wish to have her ashes scattered round Avebury and here amongst the trees.


  1. Beautiful place to have one;s ashes scattered. Does it matter where one;s ashes are scattered? As a Humanist of my age I often think about this question.My darling David's were scattered on the pastures he loved and in the beck which eventually would flow into the North Sea.

    1. I think it is because the thought of the ashes being in some way linked to the soul and being part of the greater Universe. It is a comfort for those left behind.

  2. Nationalism.... Certain political forces, have been demonizing it, for some time. Those who wish for a World Government, do. But humans are different, in more ways than we are similar, I fear. And no amount of "brain-washing" or "shaming," will eliminate that difference.

    Human beings are not like pieces of fruit, which can be put in a blender, and spun around, and come out..... All alike. It's just not so.

    So, why do the pushers of World Government, tell us, it can be done?

    Why???? Because _they_ want to be in the upper level, of this New World Government! It is _not_ because they are all "Pure Of Heart"!!!!!

    Let's not romanticize or demonize Nationalism. Let's simply try, each in our own country, to raise our level of good humanity. If we are allowed to do so!!!!

    Because it is obvious, that the Forces of Mandated World Government, are strong. And are doing a good job, of "pulling the wool over" many, many eyes. With their "Won't it all be lovely!" blarney.


  3. That Neolithic Long Barrow is amazing!!!!!

    Sorry to hear that that man, died soon after that photo was taken. So sad.....

    And I'm sure, your son, "survived" the rain. -grin-

    As to where one's ashes are scattered, it's a private wish. But I don't think it makes any real difference, in the long scope of things. Since I do not believe in the resurrection of the body and etc.

    Deep thoughts here!!!!!! Love this, in a blog post!!!!! Especially, since such blog posts, are so few and far between.

    Thank you!!!!

  4. Thank you for your enthusiasm, I really just potter in my thoughts. Sometimes a poem, sometimes music and other times news or essays written elsewhere.

  5. Well as I explore Wayland's Smithy, and things I have written about. Two things come up. Firstly the book by Peter Alfred Please - The Chronicles of the White Horse, and secondly his song - Corn Spirit.

  6. What stunning music - I haven't come across them before. Wayland's Smithy we have only been to the once but it is a special place and I can understand someone's wish to have their ashes spread there (and at Avebury).

    1. It is very Irish Jennie very foot stamping and showy but they can all sing. Wayland's Smithy and the nearby White Horse and Iron Age fort at Uffington is a dense prehistoric part. There is even a little hill called 'The Manger' for the I/A horse, though I suspect it was a pony.


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