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Friday, November 8, 2019

Promises, promises

Here I am talking about the political parties offering us all kind of goodies if we vote for them.  It is a bit like the wretched flooding that has stalled across South Yorks/Midlands caught between two winds blowing in opposite directions, so are we.
Do you realise we have made all these news commentators happy to be alive and earning their salaries because they have been given the latest batch of political nonsense to talk about.  Knives have been out, a bit of virtual stabbing in the backs as Labour deserters have taken to pulling apart their leader. 
There we are, flood water round our ankles, this is not true in North Yorkshire by the way, the rains gave us a miss but it is still very wet.  And all we have to look to is Xmas - yikes. And maybe wading through the floods to vote - joy.
We have an out an out liar for a prime minister, his party in disarray, climate emergency bearing down on us.  
How have I helped towards this catastrophe?  Well I let Rod and his wife cut down the galloping Virginia creepers and ivies yesterday, they had 30 bins of cut stuff Rod informed me, largest cut they have ever done.  I feel guilty about the sparrows who lived and tweeted in this overgrown haven, but they seemed to have returned and the climbers will once again thrive as the weather warms up. Also they can go and live in the thick cluster of ivy that wraps round the tree in front.

I love this photo gleaned from the internet, so serene, though to be honest I don't like memes advocating greater serenity - it is not as if it ever happens!

And in a dark mood, Leonard Cohen, voice like melting chocolate, capturing it all...."You want it Darker" ;)


  1. When do we learn that the campaign promises of politicians--of any stripe--are impossible to fulfill? [Rhetorical question, of course.]
    The discussion of anything with overtones of politics has become tetchy in this household--regardless of affiliation I can't understand defense of the buffoon in the White House!
    Re the sparrows: In Wyoming I had to witness the sweeping down of dozens of swallows who had unwisely nested over a large porch. The mess they were making rendered the area unusable, but the distress of the birds as their nests were destroyed was pathetic.
    No easy answers.

  2. You answered my question; you do like comments!
    I check you regularly as your posts are always interesting. I’m in Sheffield and yesterday was indeed waterlogged. Much has been made of a change in the weather which Is no doubt true but sadly we have also had to contend with grouse shooting on the moors requiring heather-burning so the rain slid downhill unimpeded straight into the Don and on into Sheffield.

  3. I love the music of Leonard Cohen, but I have to admit it that it is not music to make me feel good. However, my Irish heritage sometimes makes me look towards the melancholy. It is hard to be positive today and I have to push myself into looking for the good. However, I do know it is out there as I see it everyday in the kindness of those around me.

  4. I chatted to a young man on our estate when I took Tess for a walk yesterday - he was cutting back a thick hedge which was overgrowing the footpath and which at night seemed to house at least a hundred sparrows judging from the noise they made. Don't know where they have gone tonight but they are resourceful birds and I suspect there is still enough hedge for them to cuddle up in tonight.


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