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Wednesday, November 6, 2019


Welcome! Who am I welcoming this morning?  Well weirdly enough I have had a large spike in viewing numbers.  Investigation showed up a Russian contingency.  So is it my rather scary political views or something more sinister?

Never mind.  Noted this morning, was the BBC's 100 books that have made an impression on us.  To be quite honest I haven't read many but that could be to do with the fact that I don't read modern fiction.  I earmark quite a few books  to read as the months go by but have lost my password for the library, so that I could order some rather than spend money.

Two Guardian articles read this morning.  I questioned this one paper view I always have, and came up with the answer, I need to subscribe to such papers as 'The Times ' or 'Telegraph' or even 'The Independent', though the Independent is far more scarier than the Guardian, and is only online.  Poor newspapers overtaken by the media on the internet. 

So what were the two articles?  One on food banks in this country, the Trussell report.

The other was a paper signed by 11000 scientists arguing that Climate change is  real, something I believe, I know others do not.  But come on 11000 signatures must surely say get real.  Here is the original article  taken from the Guardian, read either I am sure both will say the same. 

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  1. According to a distinguished climatologist from The University of Washington D.C. - Professor D.J. Trump - climate change is "A frigging hoax. Fake news! Read my lips buddy! Besides, those polar bears are mean bastards!"
    P.S. Why do visitors' comments no longer get published on your blog Thelma? This is strangely off-putting.

  2. I have stopped taking The Guardian after reading it most of my adult life. I find it so irritating and 'flimsy'. For the last few years I have taken The Times - alright I don't always agree with their views but so what - I can read the well-written articles and agree to disagree if I wish.
    Glad you are posting so much - I too found it a good every day activity which kept me in touch with normality.

  3. Climate change is not a religion or cultural belief has no place here. It is a scientific fact based on tons of data.


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