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Saturday, November 2, 2019

Saturday 2nd November

I remembered these stories this morning whilst listening to Northumbrian tales for Halloween on the radio.  Binnorie is a sad tale of two sisters and jealousy.  Every night and early morning the owl's call can be heard.  There must be quite a few around here.  Occasionally I pick up their barred feathers in the garden but only see the barn owl flying over in the day at Bridge farm.

beech sapling

hawthorn berries or hawes

the wild cherries that flourish on the verge

Leaves slowly colouring

Willows along the river

the river at its usual level

the holly with plenty of berries, only hope they will last till Christmas for the church


  1. I miss our barred owls. They have moved somewhere else, as has our screech owl. I wonder if I did something wrong?

  2. There are few berries on the holly round here this year - hope yours last until Christmas, they are lovely.


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