Monday, November 18, 2019

"I know my song well before I start singing it."

 “God does not exist, and as a result man is forlorn, because neither within himself nor without does he find anything to cling to”. Sartre

Very philosophical you may say.  I picked up this quotation from an old Independent article on the Paris riots of 1968.  I remember thinking at the time will the old kill their young?  And today as the riots in Hong Kong turn into violence I feel the same sense of unhappiness for the fate of these young people.
Times have changed, past wars slip under the vision, they happen is something we say, we can have no input into such decisions.  It is the time of China to rise up and become a super power, those that have no power must fall.  'For the greater good?'
Remembering songs by Bob Dylan, the depths of despair that so many felt in the misery of the Vietnamese War.  It makes no difference - it happens and we should be truly grateful that things that annoy us are so small and petty, such as Prince Andrew!
Does the quote above beg the question that if god existed we would have a better life I doubt it very much.  The Church was just as cruel as the outside world in its behaviour to its people.  You have only to look at the tranquil old churches in today's Britain to understand that those gargoyles and horrible carved leering  creatures you see on the outside walls are what was used to frighten people into worshipping the 'one' god.

Sartre and Dylan has disappeared into the mists of time and we live in a modern world, where sadly war and discontent still go on, this time played against a background of climatic disturbance.  But funnily enough our quiet lives go on, I gathered the leaves off the lawn yesterday, and as I raked their sodden mess the world was a normal place. 


  1. So thought provoking. It is true that we go on with our lives and often ignore the troubles in the world. Partly because we feel helpless, partly because the problems are so depressing. What to do, how to help, wait for change? You have me thinking. Thanks for your post...

  2. In order to stay sane at present I have to listen to as little news as possible - I can do nothing about any of it and everything seems in turmoil doesn't it. Hope you are still going forward. x

  3. Yes, ordinary lives go on..... Unless there is a war, near them.

    There was once a series (about "Immortals"), which showed, how the same pieces of land, are fought over, on and on, down through the centuries. It is such a sobering thought.

    My view... There is so-called-Good, in the world. And there is so-called-Bad. Sooooo..... This Earth will never be Perfect. Thinking that it *can be* perfectly peaceful, is illusionary thinking.



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