Saturday, November 16, 2019

It has not happened yet, but it will..................

To write every day? How does this happen.  Drag something up from the past, forget the'scream' inside me as I think only of what I have lost?  Memories flit through my brain, mainly a summery Essex at the moment.  Looking out of the window and it is a cold grey Yorkshire day.  The leaves are scattered across the lawn. So much nonsense on the radio, for Christ sake these people take home good money.
Reading Paul Mason at the moment, 'A Clear Bright Future'  There is some optimism in it but basically he is talking about AI and a need to control it. We have lost so much along the way.  So apart from environmental concerns, the contract between labour and capital which has been undermined.  There is an ongoing fight for there to be a fairer world, decent wages, decent homes and a NHS which is well funded.  Something written and read by Nick Drake,(a different Nick Drake to the one who died years ago) it goes further but the video does not translate to blogger.

It has not happened yet, but it will

'I am the future, but before I appear,

Please - close the scrolls of information,

Let the laptop sleep,

Sit still

And shut your eyes.
Listen - Things are going to change

You can hear the poem being spoken by Nick Drake on Jackie Morris's site, below the 'Letters to the Earth'
Optimism is our only hope, fighting for what is right. Listening to others and not rounding on them like an angry tiger. Yesterday I pulled up a moment of history just to illustrate what I was talking about. Some would say using history as a blueprint for reading present events is foolish. Maybe so, except the fact that everything comes round with a certainty for sure.
Listen to the trees as the wind takes their leaves and either rattles their dryness or sounds like a soft shurring noise. They are the new saviours of the planet, imbibing the carbon dioxide during photosynthesis and clearing the atmosphere. Although we are extorted to plant more trees the government and their agencies have not kept to their promise to do this. (Which is probably a reflection on many of their promises!)
Our young beat the drum, there is a tumult in the air, as fear presses down. Look at Hong Kong rioting for democratic rights and the fear of being extradited to China, some as young as 8 years old. It comes to something when the students rioting on the street are still school children, yet we are experiencing this with the climate emergency. A need to have their voice heard, and don't listen to the cynics whining that they should be in school being educated. We can learn anywhere the difference between right and wrong and fight for our rights.
Speaking out is the only way things get done, a slow swelling of majority happening, curse the traffic hold-ups but also ask why is this happening?



  1. Thelma I am comforted by your posting almost every day - I found that anything I could do regularly and purposefully helped and I am sure you feel the same. As to what you say - I feel I just can't think too deeply about it all - the prospect is just too depressing and the outcome too inevitable it would seem. The world does seem to be hurtling headlong towards disaster'

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