Tuesday, November 19, 2019


All those lovely leaves to sweep up!
susurration = whispering or rustling. Of leaves, or water.


  1. A transitory phase here too, as Tam has come back to the fold. You would not believe the amount of "stuff" we have to stash away . . .

    Lovely photos of the trees and as one who was sweeping up piles of leaves at the weekend, yes, always plenty to sweep up each autumn.

  2. Wondering what those lovely red petals are on that tree?

  3. Our leaves are all gone and our backs are still sore. I hate the noise of leaf blowers but I am glad that my son came to our rescue with his super-duper machine.

  4. I love your new header Thelma and my goodness me how well those berries are staying on that holly - I think you could run a sweepstake on whether they will be there for Christmas still.

  5. @ Tabor. The petals are berries on the holly tree, and hopefully if the birds don't get them branches will decorate the church.
    @ Pat. It is Avebury in Wiltshire Pat.

    @ Jennie. Children or adults returning home, how well I remember it ;) but it is also a good time of course.

    SO/AC My memory is bad and I have forgotten your name, deep apologies. But it is being said in this country that leaf blowers kill insects, though I think that might be an exaggeration.


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